About Estes Park

A little about what we do

Estes Park Medical Center will develop personalized retreats and programs at a state-of-the-art Wellness Center. To become the catalyst for achieving lasting lifestyle changes, the Center will address the seven dimensions of health: emotional, environmental, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual. With a diverse core team consisting of a physician, nutritionist, fitness trainer, and transformational coach, this holistic approach will maximize what can be accomplished during guest stays and provide tools for long-term success.

The science-based wellness strategies and assessment techniques were developed with our strategic partners, including the University of Colorado. In addition to improving physical fitness, metabolic function, nutrition, sleep, stress management and quality of life/life satisfaction, guests will enjoy spa services, outdoor adventures and complementary/integrative therapies designed to enhance overall health and well-being.

Lodging accommodations, food and beverage, and resort amenities will be integrated into the program through the adjacent boutique hotel from Grand Heritage Hotel Group, owner and operator of The Stanley Hotel. Famous for its old world charm, The Stanley boasts spectacular views of the Rockies in every direction and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.



September 20, 2017

Wellness Wednesday Tip: Write it Down

Write it down. Keeping a short to-do list can reduce anxiety about work and help you prioritize the tasks needed to keep your projects on track.

September 13, 2017

Wellness Wednesday Tip: Grab the Good Stuff

Plan ahead for your lunches. This is a critical step in maintaining a healthy diet. Don't leave it to chance. If you do, you'll be much more susceptible to fall into old habits and reach for something unhealthy. The next time you go to the supermarket, make a list and buy specific ingredients for your lunchtime meals. Make sure you prepare them ahead of time. It is important that they are convenient, nutritious, and delicious! 

September 6, 2017

Wellness Wednesday Tip: Forgive Yourself

Give yourself a break! An occasional indulgence in a high-calorie treat won't negate all of your hard work. It's ok to diverge and "cheat" every now and then. Just make it the exception and not the rule! Do not give that treat so much power. Instead of focusing on guilt or feeling bad about yourself, just get back on track by trying to fit a little extra exercise in over the next few days.